TMJ Relief

Quite a few people suffer from Temporomandibular Joint pain or TMJ dysfunction.

This is any sort of pain around the jaw when you either open or close the jaw, pain with chewing, and even popping or clicking sounds when you move your jaw.

This can sometimes be simply due to a muscle imbalance in the jaw. If one side of the jaw muscles are tighter than the other, the whole jaw doesn’t move as one unit. Achieving even muscle balance in the jaw and throughout the body can oftentimes improve this symptom.

NUCCA chiropractic adjustments gently re-align the spine and help regulate the muscle control of the body. This creates an even muscle tone throughout the body allowing joints such as the jaw to open and close correctly.

If you have tried all sorts of things to help with your TMJ pain but never seen any results, this might be your solution.
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