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True Alignment Chiropractic – Helping Patients Cope with Headaches

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True Alignment Chiropractic – Helping Patients Cope with Headaches

Almost everyone has probably experienced a tension headache at one time or another as this is the most common kind of a headache. It comes along with mild to moderate head pain that may feel as if a vice is gripping the head on both sides. People will often take an over-the-counter painkiller such as acetaminophen or lie down in a dark room until it goes away. There are some home remedies that may help when these headaches attack.

  • Ice it: If the tension one feels is due to swelling, applying an ice pack to the head or neck is the quickest way to reduce swelling.
  • Heat it: Putting heat on the neck in the form of a heating pad, a warm shower, or a bath may give one relief.
  • Stand tall: Improper posture can strain muscles and cause a headache to occur. This may be especially true for those working in an office job and looking at a computer screen all day.
  • Don’t sweat it: Often tension headaches come from stress. Stress management is key.

These remedies are all related to the neck: soothing tight muscles, increasing blood flow, reducing inflammation, and keeping the head in proper position over the neck. However, what if one has tried all of these things but still has headaches? It may be time to visit a professional.

Upper Cervical Chiropractors and Headache Relief

Here in our Lacey, Washington location, we have been able to provide relief for a number of patients with tension and other types of headaches. If the top two bones of the neck – the C1 and C2 vertebrae – become misaligned, they may be the underlying cause of one’s headaches. A misalignment of this sort causes a reduction in blood flow to the brain, postural issues, and inflammation. We use a gentle technique called NUCCA to help the bones move back into their original place. Once subluxations are corrected, headaches may decrease in frequency and severity or go away completely.

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