Vertigo Relief

Vertigo: How NUCCA Chiropractic Care Can Help

I work with a lot of patients with vertigo, in fact a large percentage of all of my patients come in with vertigo symptoms. Vertigo is most often felt with a spinning like sensation and feelings of loss of balance. This is most commonly from a problem with the brain perceiving information from the visual and proprioception centers of the body. Simply the information from the eyes and inner ears don’t match and the brain gets confused. One common factor I see in patients with this condition is they all have a misalignment in their upper neck.

This area where the brain turns into the spinal cord, is right at the top bone in the spine called the atlas. This is where NUCCA chiropractic focuses on. Getting this area aligned correctly can allow for the brain-body connection to function correctly.

This means patients can see results, often very quickly after an adjustment.
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