First Step

During your first complimentary consultation, Dr. Kliem will discuss your health history with you. He will explore whether he believes NUCCA chiropractic can benefit you after getting a better understanding of your health’s current state.

The next step is to check to see if your posture indicates that your Atlas is misaligned. Your leg length disparity, hip position, head tilt, and shoulder tilt are all things he is checking for in this assessment. Any one of these posture alterations, or all of them, may take place when the Atlas is misaligned.

If we determine that NUCCA chiropractic can benefit you, three different X-ray views will be taken as the last step of the initial visit. On your second visit, Dr. Kliem will analyze these and present the results to you

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Second Step

The x-ray findings will be shown to you at the beginning of the second consultation, along with an explanation of how this misalignment is hurting your health. Following that, you will be adjusted based on calculations made using your x-rays.

After this adjustment, your posture will be reassessed in the same way as in the first consultation. It’s always remarkable to see how those posture findings from before have changed after an adjustment. Two follow-up x-rays are then taken to see if the misalignment has lessened.

While you rest, Dr. Kliem will evaluate the X-rays to see how the adjustment affected the Atlas misalignment.

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Third Step

The NUCCA approach deviates greatly from the majority of other chiropractic techniques at this final and most crucial check. Your head and neck bones will move throughout the adjustment even if there is no audible noise or noticeable heavy force.

This last round of x-rays demonstrate that and enable Dr. Kliem to confirm that the adjustment he performs is effective for you.

To help you understand how your body is in a better position and to see the changes in the anatomy, the next step will be to compare the pre and post adjustment X-rays.

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Fourth Step

Following your initial adjustment, a care plan based on your spinal health will be developed for you. The goal is to have you maintain this adjustment for extended periods of time. The best part of that for you is that you are maintaining alignment while also requiring less visits to the doctor.

Dr. Kliem wants to help you achieve and maintain the best possible state of spinal health so you may go out and continue to live your life to the fullest!

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